Returns Insights that are not resolved by an user (A resolved Insight is an Insight that is no longer relevant to the user).

The list of Insights is paginated and the page limit will be set to a default value if not explicitly provided.
In the response a continuation token will be available that you can use to call successive pages.
Initial call /v0/insights?limit=100&since=2020-04-27T14:16:34.78336
After initial call /v0/insights?limit=100&since=2020-04-27T14:16:34.78336&continue=f632dda4-47b0-46de-87d6-6190f014aa9c

For consistency all the query parameters used for the initial call, should also be included with the same values for the additional calls using the continuation token.

The acknowledged query parameter can be used to specify if only acknowledged or unacknowledged Insights should be returned.
(An Insight is said to be acknowledged, if it has been seen or interacted with by the user).

When the value of acknowledged is false, only unacknowledged Insights are returned.
When the value of acknowledged is true, only acknowledged Insights are returned.
When the "acknowledged" query parameter is not used, all unresolved Insights (acknowledged as well as unacknowledged) are returned.

The types query parameter can be used to specify what Insight types should be returned.
This can for example be used to only return Monitoring Insights or Action Insights.

Examples of Monitoring Insights: BindingPeriodEnding, NewSubscriptionFound, SubscriptionCostChanged, UnresolvedSubscription, UnreviewedAction
Examples of Action Insights: CancellationOngoing, CancellationOutcome, SaveDeskOngoing, SaveDeskOutcome, SwitchOngoing, SwitchOutcome

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