Subscription information for Card transactions

As a card issuer, based on the information available for each transaction this solution provides you with the optionality of adding subscription management in your offer towards your end-users. By adding subscription enrichment for the user's transactions allows the user to take actions on their subscriptions, such as Manage, Cancel, Pause or Change Plan.

User Journey

The user journey can either start from the transaction history or a transaction details page, for example an on-demand system with detailed merchant information and digital receipts. If the transaction is a issued from a Merchant, the user will be able to directly take action from within the application, which can either be done natively or through the WebUI, Minna's white-label solution.

Technical Journey

The technical journey starts with the card issuer authenticating with Minna's system, so a user tries to access the a transaction the bank can quickly perform a lookup based on some simple card data to indicate if this is a subscription transaction or not.

The payload returned from Minna will be enough to either walk the user through a native action (such as a cancellation) or enough to launch the WebUI and allow us to guide the user. For simplicity, this part has been extracted from the flowchart below. The full documentation for guiding users through actions can be found here.

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