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Whether you're a start-up, scale-up, or a global enterprise - preventing customer churn in your subscription business is top of mind. We at Minna are happy to help.

Introduction to Minna

Minna is the world’s leading subscription management solution integrated with retail banks. We're a Series B scale-up Fintech, backed by Visa, building the world's first subscription management infrastructure to connect financial institutions and its users with subscription businesses.

What's in it for you as a subscription business?

Customers today manage all their finances, including recurring expenses like subscriptions, through their retail bank and we want to empower them to take control of their subscription related expenses in the same channel.

Our integrations with financial institutions across Europe gives subscription businesses through the Merchant API an opportunity to impact the 20 million (and growing) digital banking customer base like never before.

Our vision is to help subscription businesses manage the relationship with their customers across the subscription lifecycle from acquiring the right customers, to growing their spend, and also in retaining high-value customers.

What is the Merchant API?

The Merchant API is an integration that connects the financial institutions with subscription businesses. Our integrations with the retail banks in turn provide these capabilities to the customer in the bank channel.


How does the Merchant API work?


We support a range of features that we extend to merchants across the subscription lifecycle.
Cancel and Unblock
Pause and Resume (documentation coming soon)
Change Plan (documentation coming soon)
Retention offers (documentation coming soon)

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