Initiate action

This guide will teach you to use Minna Technologies API's to initiate an action from a quick action entry point. This guide is a continuation of Detect subscriptions.

Overall architecture

To initiate an action it is required to create a user in Minna Technologies system. See Manage user on how to create a user. The following user details are required for the action flows:




Required to take action on behalf of the user.


Required to take action on behalf of the user.

Your backend application should support your UI with an endpoint to initiate an action. It is possible to integrate using either an API or Minna's WebUI. The integrations are specific for each feature Block, Cancel and Switch.

Possible error states

  • Failed to open action flow

Trigger action from UI

When the user clicks on a quick action entry point that should initiate a call to your backend with the serviceProviderId. From your backend the action should be initiated and managed according to the specifics of the API or WebUI integration.

API flow

You can create a fully customized experience with your own frontend UI, by utilizing the Action API's:

API integrationAPI integration

API integration

WebUI flow

If you want a fully managed solution, then the action features enables that:

WebUI integrationWebUI integration

WebUI integration

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