Example: Subscription Overview

Here we show a complete subscription management solution. The user is presented with a full subscription overview with an entry point in its own section on the home screen of their bank app. This entry point shows a high level summary of the subscriptions they pay for today, and the full subscription overview presents more detailed information for each subscription.

The user journey for taking an action starts from either the home screen of the app, or from the accounts page. Clicking the subscription summary brings them to the subscription overview. By clicking on any of the subscriptions, the user gets access to actions are available for the merchant that provides the subscription, as defined in our merchant database. In the example we can see how the user is guided to cancel a subscription.

After the user has submitted the request to cancel, both the transaction overview and subscription overview is updated to indicate that the cancellation request is ongoing. A push message is sent to the user once the cancellation has been completed.

The user is at any point able to re-enter their subscriptions overview from the main page to see any subscription updates and pending cancellations.

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