Transaction Overview: Transaction Rules

You should choose this if you want to:

  • Add identification for subscription-related transactions
  • Enable actions on transaction overview

If your existing infrastructure does not allow for identifying subscriptions or subscription-related transactions then this is the solution for you. The transaction rules solution will allow you to add the capability to identify subscription-related transactions to your repertoire.

The transaction rules are a set of rules that you can run on your users’ transactions to determine if they are related to a subscription. A rule contains instructions for how the rule should be applied and the value it should be compared against. How the matching should be applied contains a range of options, from string comparisons for transaction text or matching against other common identifiers on the transactions.

The transaction rules are meant to be applied on top of the existing transactions for a user, which enhances each subscription-related transaction with additional information of what merchant this payment was issued for. This process can be described by the flow below.

The process starts with you fetching the transaction rules from us, which you apply over transactions for a user. This can either be done in runtime or on a scheduled basis, for example once a day. Once the transaction rules have been applied, we suggest storing the enhanced transactions in order to cache the results and avoid processing the same data more than once. Once the transaction has been enhanced, you can highlight the subscription for the user in their transaction overview.


Process for applying transaction rules

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