Security overview

Security and compliance are top priorities for us. We use industry best practices for our entire stack, from infrastructure to code. All of our employees understand their personal role in keeping our partners, our users and ourselves safe from security compromises and data breaches. We are happy to answer and discuss any questions you might have on the matter.

To give some examples of practices we follow:

  • We have regular penetration tests performed by third parties.
  • We practice and have processes in place for secure development.
  • We have automated vulnerability checks.
  • We store sensitive data encrypted at rest.
  • We have strong restrictions regarding access to production data, and live by the least privilege access controls principles.
  • We have restrictive Content Security Policy (CSP) for WebUIs

You can read more about how we handle data in the Data management section.

You can read more about security mechanisms controlling the access to our API and products in the API security section.

Minna offers a Security Whitepaper with more detailed information. To get access to the paper, or in case of questions, please contact us

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