Subscription merchants

Next to users, merchants are central to our application. Each action that the user performs will be towards a specific merchant. Therefore, when a user performs an action, information about the merchant the action is being taken on needs to be provided.

A merchant is a company that provides one or more subscription services which a user can subscribe to. A user can have multiple subscriptions with the same merchant, either by subscribing to the same service multiple times or by subscribing to many of the different services offered.

We store data for each merchant, for example with information about which actions are available for each of the services that the merchant offers. For example, if a service the merchant provides can be canceled and what cancellation method is most effective for this service. You can read more about this under During action: Action feature flows.


Relationship between end-user, merchants and services


By inspecting the merchant returned from us, you can see what actions are available for this merchant. The actions field in the response will guide you to enable the right functionality for your customers.

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