Manage users

Create users

An externalId is the only data required to create a user and get started to enable our features. We respond with a user object that consists of the provided externalId and our internal userId. Our userId is included in each of the endpoints that you use to place actions on behalf of the user.


Minna has a hard requirement thatexternalId can't contain any Personally identifiable information (PII) or any other sensitive information.

User information

For an improved user experience, we recommend that you provide more information when creating users. We use this information to for example populate input fields in the Cancel action flow, reducing effort required for the user. Some of our features require additional user information, such as email address or name. To see all possible attributes of a User, refer to our API reference

Updating user information

The endpoint to update users is greedy. This is in accordance with the PUT specification. You need to provide all the fields requested by the endpoint, else they will be overridden. For example, if you do not supply the user's email address in an update then it will be set to null in our records.

Deleting users

Upon user deletion, we will make a hard delete on user data with a few exceptions. Certain information is kept for a period of time to safely complete user requests, such as cancellations and support tickets, and for book-keeping requirements. When the user information is no longer required, it is deleted in accordance with existing regulations and legislations (for example GDPR).