Key management

Key management is a tool for you to manage all client keys associated with your account. Current functionality allows you to view existing client keys and add new ones.

Once you add a new key using the provided form, the key will instantly be active and ready for use to authenticate against our API.

Below we explain what information you need to provide when creating a new client key.

  • Client Key name should be used for helping you identify which public/private key pair this client key belongs to. This is a required field.
  • Client Namespace is used to logically separate end users, for example between different branches. This is optional field and will default to default if left empty.
  • Market determines for which market access tokens should be created for. This is a required field.
  • Public Key is the public key associated with the private key you intend to use to create JWTs and request access tokens from Minna's API. The help text outlines the expected format. This is a required field.

When you have registered your client key you will to the right see information about the key and get client key id to use when calling us.

What’s Next

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