Integration options

Our solutions can be integrated either by leveraging our APIs to create a fully native experience, or by utilising our pre-defined WebUI where the service is delivered with our optimised design. A combined approach is also possible, enabling the “best of both worlds” where parts of the WebUI can be re-used then augmented with additional native development through APIs.


Benefits from choosing Native or WebUI solution


Our API enables flexible integration and customisation of the UI and user journey. We can provide you with UX guidelines and our best practices throughout your design and development process.

  • Complete configuration of front-end screens
  • Flexible user journey
  • Seamless banking app experience

Overview of the Native solution


Our turnkey WebUI is a fully-managed, cost-effective and low maintenance integration option. The WebUI is a whitelabel solution that can be customized to fit your theme and colors.

  • Ready-to-deploy front-end screens
  • Fast implementation
  • Low bank development and resource cost
  • Customizable colors, fonts and icons

Overview of the WebUI solution

What’s Next