Insights are created to provide continuous updates to users. Insights exists in many different forms; some Insights are designed to notify a user of recent changes, while others are designed to inform the user of upcoming events in order to have full control over their subscription economy. Insights are automatically generated from Minna on updates to events and actions.

The Minna WebUI integration comes with a dynamic Insight feed showcasing existing Insights to the user. The Insight API allows you to consume the same content and send notifications to the user when an Insight is created or updated to empower them to get higher value from the solution.

Type of insights

MonitoringMonitoring Insights are intended to notify the users of the current state of their subscriptions. For example, if the cost of a subscription has increased it will be reflected with a Monitoring Insight.
ActionAction Insights update the user about the status and outcome of any actions (for example cancellations and improve orders) performed through Minna, in order to always receive the latest updates on any state changes.