Error handing

HTTP error response format

Minna is actively working to provide you with good error messages which indicates what and why things went wrong for each request. All error messages are returned in the following format:

    "reason": "string",
    "message": "string"

HTTP statuses

Generally, Minna follows common best practices for correctly responding to incoming http requests. That includes returning responses from:

  • the 2XX status code class for successful responses
  • the 4XX status code class for client errors
  • the 5XX status code class for server errors

Custom HTTP status code

Minna consumes APIs from partners, such as PSD2 APIs in order to fetch transactions. We have reserved the 540 status code for any error in outgoing requests that our service are dependent upon. The payload of this status code follows the same scheme as other error responses. In the message we provide details about which HTTP status code Minna received. Below is an example for how the response can look:

    "reason": "ExternalRequestError",
    "message": "External request failed with HTTP status 502."

What’s Next