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Manage users

In Minna's application, every action is taken on behalf of a user. The user has a central role in our business and products. No matter your integration method, you need to create a user in our system before the user can access any of our products.

To manage users you will utilise the user endpoints in our API.

Create the first user

An externalId is the only data required to create a user. The value should be a unique stable identifier for the user.

Minna responds with a user object consisting of the provided externalId and a userId created by us. The Minna userId is what you will use to represent the user using the service.

User information

It is possible to supply more information when creating users. Minna will use this information to improve the user experience, for example by populating input fields. Some products require additional user information like email address or name. You will read more about that on the specific product pages.

Deleting user data

When you delete a user, Minna might keep certain information for a period of time to be able to safely finish user requests such as cancellations, support tickets etc. When the user information is no longer needed, it is deleted in accordance with GDPR.

Updating user data

The endpoint to update users is greedy. This is in accordance with the PUT specification. You need to provide all the fields requested by the endpoint, else they will be overridden. For example, if you do not supply the users email address in an update, it will be set to null in our records.

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Manage users

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