Client namespace

This section is optional and only applicable if you want to separate user-related data

Client namespace is Minna's way of logically separating data. All user-related data is stored in a client namespace. An access token is always tied to one specific namespace and cannot be used to access data from another namespace. If no namespace is explicitly stated, the default namespace is used. In order to enable the use of client namespace, Minna needs to configure your client key access and enable this feature.


Note: To enable the usage of client namespaces, please reach out to us.

Client namespace allows you to segment user-related data by whatever criteria you choose (for example, per bank branch). To do this, you can provide the clientNamespace parameter when getting an access token. Then, all resources created with that access token will belong to that client namespace.

Example of JWT body for getting access token, with an explicit namespace:

  "aud" : [ "" ],
  "exp" : 1574766146,
  "nbf" : 1574766086,
  "clientKeyId" : "<client_key_id>",
  "clientNamespace": "branch1"


Allowed clientNamespace characters

Please note that only alphanumeric characters (a-z or A-Z and 0-9), underscore (_) and hyphen(-) are allowed for clientNamespace.

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