Change payment WebUI

In the WebUI implementation of Change payment, we will handle the communication with the user. This includes presenting the ability to search for an external subscription, showing a guide on how to change payment, and finally giving users the visibility on the outcome of the actions. The following section describes the actions you need to perform to get the WebUI up and running.


Overview of the steps for changing payment through the WebUI

Integration supported

The Change Payment guides are accessible only through the Subscription overview. In this type of integration, Minna will manage the user journey and guide the user to change their payment method for the selected subscriptions. To navigate the user to the subscription overview, you can refer to the subscription overview implementation guide.

Change payment outcomes

The outcomes for change payment are updated by the user when they finish the action on the merchants website. They can select:

  • Yes: if they have successfully changed their payment method, or
  • No: if they weren't able to change their payment method


What happens if the user doesn't select an outcome?

If a user does not select an outcome, the identification algorithm will pick up the payment (if it was made through the banks card) and display it in the "Active" subscriptions on the Subscription Overview.

Get change payment status

To keep your server in sync with the change payment state on Minna's side, you can retrieve the change payment insights for a change payment that the user submitted. This is useful if you want to show the status of change payment actions in your native UI.