Change payment Insights

Change payment insights updates the user about the status and outcome of any actions performed through our platform. This page describes action insights for Change payment. All Change payment Insights are action insights and are used to communicate the current state and outcome of the change payment to the user.

PrerequisitesChange payment product
Trigger logicWhen a change payment is performed by the user.
Removal logicEither when the insight is manually dismissed by the user or after 21 days.
Update logicThe insight is updated when the change payment state changes.
FrequencyThe insight can occur more than once in the list on insights, once for each contract.

Below we list all the different Action insights and their states for the Change payment feature. There is a complete example of the data model for each state and type.

Change payment outcome insights

A change payment can have these outcomes:

  • Successful
  • Failed


The merchant has accepted the request and changed payment.

 "id" : "cb33017c-683c-4062-8264-8af336c14964",
 "userId" : "72695ea2-eb26-4d2b-859c-f572935215ea",
 "createdAt" : "2021-01-20T13:28:58.837964Z",
 "acknowledgedAt" : "2021-01-20T13:29:25.15507Z",
 "webUiPath" : "/insights",
 "content" : {
   "subscriptionActionType" : "ChangePayment",
   "method": {"type": "IntelligentGuide"},
   "contractId" : "438cc486-2724-485f-a96e-8b9127e04fcf",
   "merchantId" : "dad987ee-add0-4a25-8253-de80d9e4a02a",
   "serviceId" : "5febd30a-ab73-4e08-85e4-dc978ba4c9e9",
   "outcomeType" : "Successful",
   "outcomeStatus" : "Finished",
   "type" : "SubscriptionActionOutcome"