Change payment

Enable customers to move their recurring spend to your card


The Change Payment feature enables users to bring their subscription spending to your bank. Since these are external subscriptions paid by instruments outside your bank, the journey has been optimized to guide the user through the process.

How it works

Change payment method is a functionality that is offered by most subscription merchants through their websites and apps. We empower users by providing them with a guide on how to change their payment method for most global merchants. The guides are accessed via entry points which could either be:

  • on the subscription overview that opens in a WebUI, or
  • as a clickable button in your native environment that opens the guide in a WebUI

When a user enters the guide via the entry point, they will be shown a self-service page where they can either find the top merchants listed that they can change their payment for or search for the merchants with free text.

Once they find the merchant they want to change payment for, they can follow the instructions in the guide ending with confirming the completion of the action in the UI.


Intelligent Guide User Journey