Cancel and save WebUI

The confirmation page after a user has canceled a subscription supports to redirect the user to your savings or investment page. By integrating Cancel and save, all users will be presented with a "Start a new saving" button after performing a cancellation that will redirect the user to the savings or investment page of your choosing.


To integrate the Cancel and save feature you will need to provide the internal URL to Minna Technologies to be configured for the feature. Afterwards you should create a handler in your native application to listen for the message that the WebUI will post once the user clicks the button. The message will be the same for both iOS and Android systems. Upon receiving the OPEN_INTERNAL_LINK message you should close the WebUI and redirect the user to the given URL within your application.

In the event that the WebUI is not closed within 2 seconds a modal will be shown to the user recommending to update to the latest version of your application. This is to handle the scenario where you have released a new version of your application that supports the Cancel and save integration, but a percentage of the users are still on an older version.


Cancel and save modal


  ‘{ “action”: “OPEN_INTERNAL_LINK”, “url”:”APP_PROTOCOL://PAGE” }’


Optional data

Optionally, along with action and url a data object can be included with the amount and currency.

  "data": {
    "amount": 9,
    "currency": "EUR"

See WebUI for more details on communication between WebUI and your native application.