The Block product enables users to stop payments for subscriptions. The Block product functions best together with our Cancel product to ensure that the subscription is cancelled in a safe and correct way, while adding an extra layer of security by preventing future withdrawals from the account.

If the Cancel product registers a time fixed contract, the block will be disabled to ensure the user does not end up in a negative situation due to the commitment in place.

The Block product comes packaged in 3 ways:

  1. Minna WebUI - together with Identify WebUI and Cancel WebUI
  2. Minna WebUI - together with our Cancel product and your own subscription identification mechanism
  3. API - for your complete custom implementation

The Block product is delivered in partnership with the Visa Stop Payment Service (VSPS). By leveraging block payment APIs, Minna blocks Continuous Payments AuthorityContinuous Payments Authority - A continuous payment authority (CPA) is a type of recurring payment that a merchant sets up on a customer’s card account using their debit or credit card details (CPA) on Visa debit and credit cards and prevents chargeback fees.

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