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Minna's product suite is built around the subscription management journey. Our products includes subscription identification, cancellation and optimization. You can build it natively using our API's, integrate quickly with our pre made WebUI, or a mix of both.

Minna uses OAuth 2.0 to secure our APIs and protect user data, see the API security section for more info. To make calls to the API, you must provide an OAuth 2.0 access token with each request. To set up an access token view our Authentication page.

Products summary

Identify works by utilising an advanced detection engine and machine learning algorithm to analyse user transactions accessible through a combination of PSD2 APIs and Visa’s Card-on-File Data Inquiry API. The identification engine isolates payments made to known subscription providers or scheduled at regular intervals; whether that payment is via direct debit, standing order, credit or debit card (dual card schemes), digital wallet or SEPA Credit Transfer. The engine functions as a rule-based system that identifies and aligns transactions to service providers, while interval detection uses an advanced statistical approach to detect subscription intervals and amounts. Machine learning further enhances the accuracy and sensitivity of the solution over time, enabling it to adapt to user behaviour and provide greater insights.

From the customers subscription data, monitoring insights are created and can be pushed to the user via email or smart notifications, as well as being displayed on an in-app feed. This means customers can be kept informed of any changes to their subscriptions, including new subscriptions found, price changes, binding period reminders or unreviewed improvements. Customers also have the option to manually enrich the subscription data by entering additional service information that can be used to provide further insights and recommended actions.

Cancel integrates with existing subscription identification services (such as Minna’s Identify solution, a 3rd party product or one developed in-house) to enable cancellations directly from a subscription overview. Where deep-links are supported, cancellations can also be initiated from standard transaction overviews. Importantly, the user journey is short and sweet. Once the cancel button has been clicked, customers are asked to provide any details required to complete the request, before granting permission for Minna to execute it. This enables Minna to utilise either Power of Attorney or an Agency Agreement to legally action a cancellation on behalf of the user. Subscription providers can then easily manage cancellations through our partner portal. After either confirming or declining (for example, where a binding period exists) a request, the user will then receive in-app notifications to inform them of the status and outcome, as well as suggesting any further actions.

As an addition we can also block the subscription provider from doing future withdraws on the end users credit/debit card.

Switch functions by enabling users to pick a service from their subscription overview that they would like to switch to another provider, or renegotiate the current terms of with their existing provider. Once selected, the user provides details of what they want from the service – for example, allocated data allowances (for mobile), energy sources such as wind or solar (for utilities), preferred providers, contact methods, or of course, prices. The solution then instantly matches the customer’s request to the available deals provided by our service provider partners, including personalised recommendations and special offers. These offers are stored and managed by subscription providers in Minna’s partner portal, providing them with a quick, easy and automated way to communicate with consumers. With 1 click, the user can then place an order with the chosen provider and Minna will execute their sign-up request, including cancellation of the existing contract if needed. If no suitable matches are found, the user’s preferences will be stored and the solution will continue to monitor new deals added to the service provider portal and notify the user if a matching offer is found in future.

Minna's webhooks functionality is an overarching product which enables Minna to continuously send updates from our products to your services. For example, once a service providerservice provider - A company which offers one or more services to their customers responds to a Cancellation we can send the latest Cancellation object to you so you can update state on your side. Additionally, for all changes concerning a user, you can subscribe to Insight updates and create push notifications to provide the user with all the latest details.

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