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Implementation overview

An implementation with Minna is broken down into three stages:

  • Before action: entry points
    Where and how to include the entry point from your application into our features.
  • During action: action feature flows
    Based on the action features you choose, learn how to guide the user through and take advantage of each feature to the fullest extent.
  • After action: user messaging
    Keep the user updated with the latest updates of their actions and allow them to revisit actions to view previously submitted information.

To help your users engage with our features, we recommend choosing one or more solutions from each of the three stages. To illustrate how to do that, here are some examples of what the user journey might look like in a full integration.


The components of an implementation

Take a look at the visual user journey examples we provide to get an even better understanding on how an implementation might look and work.

What’s Next