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At Minna Technologies we provide financial institutions with infrastructure to simplify subscriptionsubscription - A subscription is a contract that your user for a service offered by a merchant management. Through features like Cancel and Identify, we allow financial institutions to build solutions that cut back office costs, as well as improve financial health for your customers. You can either build the solution you require natively using our APIs, integrate quickly with our white-label WebUI, or a combination of the two.

We pride ourselves on designing our features and APIs to provide an amazing developer experience with a blazing fast integration time. In order to do this we provide you with a complete toolset, including:

  • Documentation of everything you need to integrate with us; API Guides, API reference, security and compliance information
  • Our Console, that helps you; onboard to the API, manage and test your integration

Our Features

Our features allow users to take actions on their subscriptions, such as canceling a subscription. Other features like Identify, act as an enabler for placing those actions.

The Cancel feature helps users to cancel any subscription, using one of our cancellation methods. These methods are continuously optimized and improved to make canceling the subscription effortless for the user.
Read more about the Cancel feature here

The Identify feature identifies subscriptions the user pays for by using an advanced detection engine and machine learning algorithms to analyse user transactions. The engine functions as a rule-based system that identifies payments to merchants and utilizes machine learning to further enhance the accuracy and sensitivity of the engine over time.
Read more about the Identify feature here

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